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Archive - Conference 2013

Graphic: AAPCSW Conference


• Sponsored by North Carolina Psychoanalytic Society
• Co-Sponsored by the National Institute for Psychoanalytic Education and Research, Inc. (NIPER), educational arm of AAPCSW


Psychoanalysis has had a sometimes painful history of splintering into disparate, exclusive groups. Some voices have been muted, while others have been privileged. Contemporary psychoanalytic theories and techniques pull from many sources and encourage multiple orientations. What is gained and what is lost by our efforts at integration or separateness? Is there still space for debate and dissent? In addition, how do issues of identity, race, gender, sexual orientation, and social class inform and challenge theory and practice? In an effort to deepen our understanding and enrich our practice, this conference seeks to facilitate dialogue among clinicians and scholars from a broad spectrum of the psychoanalytic community.


Day Program
Thursday, March 14 Walking Tour (Full/Sold Out) & Evening Reception (Open)
Friday, March 15 Conference Registration, Plenaries & Sessions 2 – 15
Saturday, March 16 Plenary & Sessions 17 – 35 (Luncheon & Blue Jean Ball)
Sunday, March 17 Plenary & Sessions 37 – 42


Call Lawrence Schwartz at (718) 728-7416 or email: aapcsw@gmail.com
Administrative Conference Coordinator