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Position Statement

July 1, 2020

Tragic Murders and Racial Justice

In a 1967 speech before a gathering of mental health professionals in Washington D.C., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., speaking about the ongoing challenges of racial discrimination and Civil Rights Movement, stated:

“The problem is deep. It is gigantic in extent, and chaotic in detail. And I do not believe that it will be solved until there is a kind of cosmic discontent enlarging in the bosoms of people of good will all over the nation….”

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AAPCSW Co-Presidents Statement

June 3, 2020 - From co-presidents Teresa Méndez and Daniel Buccino, a message to AAPCSW members.

To our AAPCSW members,

We prepared a column for the upcoming issue of our newsletter, but wanted to say something to you all sooner — and feel we’ve waited too long already to mark the gravity of this moment.

Over the past 10 weeks, we were catapulted 20 years into the future of telehealth. And everything changed. The world had largely shut down. Many of us were frozen. Frozen at home. Frozen in front of our screens. Frozen in little Zoom windows. Frozen in the face of the horror of this pandemic, a disaster of uncertainty, with its waves of infection, medical and psychiatric casualties, economic carnage, and the social unrest and protest that we imagined might unfold over the months and years ahead…

Read the entire letter to AAPCSW Members.

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