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Presidential Symposium: Psychoanalysis and the Family Problem

September 9, 2023
Live Online via ZOOM

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Date: Saturday, September 9, 2023
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm ET
Fee: FREE (Open to Public)
Location: (Online via ZOOM)

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The first myth Freud sought to dismantle was that of the family. Yet within much of psychoanalysis as it is practiced, the family remains the fundamental—and exclusive--unit of analysis. Recent scholarship and organizing has again called the family as a psychic and social institution into question. In honor of the publication in December 2022 of Issue 1 of Parapraxis focused on “The Family Problem,” and the June 2023 publication of M. E. O'Brien's Family Abolition: Capitalism and the Communizing of Care, this event will explore dialogues between psychoanalysis and critiques of the family. M. E. O'Brien and Hannah Zeavin will discuss the status of family in psychoanalysis and in society from a wide variety of disciplines: sociology of the family, trans liberation, theories of family abolition, Freudian-Marxist critique, and the history of psychoanalysis.

Hannah Zeavin is the Founding Editor of Parapraxis. Zeavin is an Assistant Professor of the History of Science in the Department of History and The Berkeley Center for New Media at UC Berkeley.

M. E. O'Brien is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist practicing in New York City. Her second book is Family Abolition: Capitalism and the Communizing of Care (2023, Pluto Press). She is also an Associate Editor at Parapraxis.

Brian Ngo-Smith, President, AAPCSW