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Teaching Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Clinical Social Work

Resources for Teachers

An index of resources for teachers who are teaching psychodynamic psychotherapy in clinical social work. To offer suggestions, comments and or questions, please contact Marcia Spira, mspira@luc.edu.

Teaching Strategies

Emerging theories
Linking theory and practice
Experiential activities
Group process
Role play
Peer discussions
Self assessments
Case vignettes

Online References

Discussion boards and forums
Blogs & Vlogs


Title Key Concepts
Social Work Education and Clinical Learning.
Golnar A. Simpson, Jay C. Williams, Anne Brantley Segall (2006)
Clinical social Work, Biopsychosocial knowledge base, Person-in-Situation perspective, Relationship, Clinical Preparation
Social Work Education and Clinical Learning: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.
Eda G. Goldstein (2006)
Clinical social work, Direct Practice, Education, Training, Role of Research
Social Work Education and Clinical Learning: Towards Evidence-Based Practice.
Bruce A. Thyer (2006)
Related: Social Work Education and Clinical Learning: Reply to Goldstein (2006) and Thyer (2006)
Social work education, Clinical Training, Evidence-based practice