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Allen Bergson, PhD, LCSW (1933 - 2019)

Posted June 2, 2019

In honor of Allen Bergson, from New York City.
Born June 27, 1933. Deceased May 20, 2019.

It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you of the passing of Allen Bergson. Allen was a brilliant analyst, profoundly committed to his patients. He set a high standard for engagement and for love. He was the most loyal of friends, always there, always listening with a fullness that was healing in itself. We were in a weekly peer group for over 20 years. He taught by example and by a high seriousness. I will miss him always.
~ Tamar Opler
I am in agony to report to you tonight that our esteemed aapcsw member, my friend, mentor and analytic supervisor of many years has left this world today. A modest and yet brilliant man, he was never bigger than the job and never smaller --- always steadfastly even with what the practice and calling of psychoanalysis required of him. His laser intellect and wise heart, bedrock decency, dedication and graciousness earned him the respect of our profession. Happy were those that were able to drink from his well. He is with me now. He will always be with me. I will never forget him and what he gave me.
~ Alter Yisrael Shimon Feuerman
I was also very fond of Allen who was an esteemed colleague at NPAP, National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis, and a member of AAPCSW. He was kind, gentle, humble and wise. His passing is a loss to the analytic community.
~ Penny Rosen
It is different to write about Allen after reading all of the beautiful, loving and extraordinary tributes to this very special man. There is no more to be said. His essence is captured by those that knew him. His brilliance, his wisdom, his capacity for empathy and kindness. He has left his mark on out world, and we will miss him.
~ Florence Rowe
I, too, am saddened by news of Allen's death. Allen was a member of the Attachment Study Group (sponsored by the Continuing Education Committee of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis -- NPAP) since its inception, more than fifteen years ago. His contributions to our discussions were highly valued by all the members of the group; his broad knowledge of psychoanalytic and other theories of development allowed him to make incisive comparisons between Attachment Theory and other theories. He often provided historical perspectives on emerging concepts of interpersonal actions. He added a certain intellectual rigor to our discussions. Allen is already much missed by our group!
~ Helen Goldberg, Facilitator, Attachment Study Group, NPAP, NY