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Membership Dues

Below are the current Membership dues, effective October 1, 2018.

Annual Dues

Dues Membership Requirements
$100 Full Member Any clinical social worker with Master's or Doctoral Degree.
$100 General Member Members of other mental health disciplines. Includes all rights and privileges of Full members except the right to hold office on the AAPCSW national executive board.
$65 Friend Any person who supports the aims and purposes of the AAPCSW but is not a mental health professional. Friends are entitled to all rights and privileges of General members with the exception of voting and holding office.
$65 Retiree Open to any person who is fully retired from practice.
$40 New Professional Members having received their MSW 3 years ago or less, may join for up to 2 years at this rate.
$40 Candidate / Post-Masters Training Eligible for any 2 years during training.
$20 Student Full time MSW student.

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Membership Questions?

Barbara L Matos, MS
AAPCSW Administrator | (301) 799-5120

Lance Stern, LCSW
AAPCSW Membership Chair | (551) 486-2522