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Conference 2015

graphic: The Art of Listening

As contemporary psychotherapy has become inundated with approaches offering a quick fix, the act of listening, the “art of listening” in healing psychic pain has lost its once exalted status. Psychoanalytic clinicians believe that deep and sustained transformations occur in an environment in which the individual feels both seen and heard. In this conference, we wish to emphasize that listening is an art, which is mastered through demanding study, hard-won selfawareness, and the gift of innate talent.

» Sponsored by North Carolina Psychoanalytic Society
» Co-Sponsored by the National Institute for Psychoanalytic Education and Research, Inc. (NIPER), educational arm of AAPCSW


Day Program
Thursday, March 12 Walking Tour - “Taste Carolina”
Friday, March 13 Conference Registration, Plenaries & Sessions 2 – 15
Saturday, March 14 Plenary & Sessions 18 – 38 (Luncheon | Evening Jazz & Juleps)
Sunday, March 15 Plenary & Sessions 40 – 45

Map of Durham Marriott & Convention Center
Event Map: Durham Marriott City Center. Enter the Convention Center through the Durham Marriott City Center at 201 Foster Street.


Call Lawrence Schwartz at (718) 728-7416 or email: aapcsw@gmail.com
Administrative Conference Coordinator